Support and advice in pharmacy management

Our goal is to strengthen the position of pharmacies in competition. We boost expertise in pharmacy management and provide meaningful analysis tools for relevant areas of activity thanks to a diverse range of solutions for pharmacy management and structured pharmacy consulting.

Convincing indicative key figures

Support across the board: The ADGCOACH offers a clean overview of all business data. Instructions can be derived directly from the results and passed on to the team. Comparative figures offer further impetus: Pharmacy Benchmarking provides a daily analysis of key figures for pharmacies. The software compares these automatically with anonymised data from comparable pharmacies and current prices. 

Simplify complex tasks 

Organizational tools can lead to great savings in time and effort: The online-based ADG QM Service system integrates the obligation to keep records seamlessly into daily routines, delegates work and ensures forms are always current. The cost factor associated with employees can be optimised with MEP24web. Employee's working hours are planned centrally and transparently, thus avoiding overtime. ADG vplus makes it very easy to realise a digital visual selection in the over-the-counter sales area and thus serves as an additional sales tool. Great savings can be achieved when several pharmacies pool together to form a group purchasing organisation. The Group Pharmacy module is an efficient tool for evaluating shopping needs for partnerships and store networks.

Personal advice with a solid background 

ppc (personal pharmacy consulting) is quality pharmacy consultation when it comes to the strategic direction, increasing the efficiency or the simple integration of a quality management system. The consultants offer assistance that is based on valid data and individual analyses even when it comes to plans of branch expansion or the purchase or sale of a pharmacy.