The S3000 merchandise management system, professional and easy

Merchandise management software differs mainly in connectivity options and ease of use. S3000 is intuitive and easy to learn even for new employees. The S3000 offers a wide range of options of support for all areas of over-the-counter sales: first-rate advice thanks to access to drug information and directions for use, convenient checks for the availability of products, optimal storage and customer management, the integration of documentation on drugs and mobile, prescription management independent of location. S3000 promotes increased sales through central price promotions, a sales assistant and cross-selling.

The A3000 merchandise management system, a convincing solution

From order management to warehousing to prescription management, the A3000 offers pharmacies an MMS solution for all their tasks. As an integrated merchandise management system, the A3000 is set up precisely to meet the needs of pharmacies. Optimised inventory management and purchasing, calculation models for pricing, effective prescription recognition and instant access to drug information for help in offering customers advice. The intuitive user interface makes it possible to involve the entire team into processes. Mobile access to all data is possible via the A3000 ManagementCenter. Additional smart features can be integrated in connection with the A3000 StoreCenter, A3000 ManagementCenter and A3000 DocumentManager modules, for example.

Both systems can perfectly integrate the ADGKAi POS system.