Disclaimer – Legal Notification

1. Limitation of Liability

The content of this web site has been compiled with the utmost care. However, ADG mbH does not guarantee the correctness, completeness, quality or timeliness of the content provided. The use of the web site takes place at the risk of the user. ADG mbH rules out any claims of liability related to material or ideal damages caused by the use or non-use of the content provided or by the use of incorrect or incomplete content as far as there is no proof of willful or grossly negligent wrongdoing on the part of the author. Articles identified with an author’s name reflect the opinion of the author and not necessarily the opinion of the provider. The use of the web site does not create a contractual relationship between the user and the provider. ADG mbH reserves the right to change, expand or delete parts or all of the content without advance notice or to terminate publication either temporarily or permanently.

2. External Links

This web site contains direct and indirect links to third party web sites (“external links”). These web sites fall under the liability of the respective provider and are not the responsibility of ADG mbH. At the time at which the link to the external content was created, ADG mbH investigated the existence of any legal infringements. At that time, no such infringements were discovered. ADG mbH has no influence over the present or future form or content of the external pages. ADG mbH is liable solely in cases in which it has knowledge of the content and in which it would be technically possible and feasible to prevent the use of the illegal contents. Content above and beyond this and in particular damages that result from the use or non-use of such information are the sole responsibility of the providers of the respective pages. Providers referencing these pages using external links hold no responsibility. ADG mbH does not adopt as its own the content referenced by the setting of external links. This limitation pertains equally to external entries into mailing lists set up by ADG mbH. It is not feasible for ADG mbH to regularly monitor external links without receiving concrete notification of legal infringement. ADG mbH will, however, immediately remove such an external link upon becoming aware that it violates the law.

3. Copyright and Ancillary Copyright

ADG mbH makes every effort to respect the copyrights of all graphics, sounds and texts used in our publications. We endeavor to use our own graphics, sounds and texts or to use royalty free graphics, sounds and texts. However, in the case that an unidentified graphic, sound or text that is protected by an external copyright is found on the web site, it was not possible to establish the copyright of the author. In the case of such an unintentional copyright infringement, ADG mbH will remove the item from its publication or identify it with the appropriate copyright upon becoming aware of the infringement. ADG mbH advises that it is neither our true nor purported intention to appoint a lawyer for the purpose of serving cease-and-desist letters involving the incurment of fees.

The content published on this web site is subject to German copyright and ancillary copyright law. Any use that does not conform to German copyright or ancillary copyright law requires advance written permission from ADG mbH or the respective legal proprietor. This pertains in particular to the duplication, processing, translation, storage or reproduction of the content of databases or other electronic media or systems. The content and rights of third parties are identified as such. The unauthorized reproduction or transmission of parts of pages or entire pages is not permitted and is punishable by law. Permission is restricted solely to the production of copies and downloads for personal, private and non-commercial use. The display of this web site in external frames is permitted only with prior written authorization.

4. Data Protection

During a visit to the ADG mbH web site, some access information (date, time, pages viewed) may be collected and saved. This data is anonymous and is not considered to be personal data. It will be evaluated for statistical reasons only. Such data will not be transmitted to third parties either for commercial or non-commercial use.

ADG mbH expressly advises that data transmission via the internet (e.g. in emails) is not secure. It is impossible to completely safeguard against unauthorized access by third parties.

ADG mbH opposes the use of the company’s contact information for commercial use unless ADG mbH has issued prior written permission or unless a business relationship already exists. ADG mbH and all persons named on this web site hereby reject any commercial use or transmission of their data.

5. Special Conditions of Use

In the case in which special conditions for the individualized use of this web site deviate from numbers 1 to 4, this will be clearly indicated in writing. In such a case, the special conditions of use are valid in each individual case.

6. Legal Effect of this Disclaimer

This liability disclaimer is to be considered to be an integral part of the web site that references this page.  In the case in which parts of the text or individual formulations in this text do not correspond, do not completely correspond or no longer correspond to the current and valid legal situation, the remaining documents remain unaffected in their content and validity.